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About us

MyVoice is an online survey community, made of internet users who fill in online surveys and participate in various market research campaigns.

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Our surveys offer various topics you can voice your opinions on, from food to electronics, from TV Shows to how often you access the internet on your mobile.

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Every survey invitation will be sent directly to your email address and you can also access it from your member account. The invitation includes a direct link to the web page where the survey is hosted.

You have time

Filling out a survey usually takes 10-15 minutes, but there are also cases when you will be invited to longer ones. That’s great news, though. The higher the estimated survey completion time, the bigger the reward you win!

You have control

You can access your balance and history right in your member account, at any time, to see how much money you have and how many available surveys.


For every survey you successfully fill in you are rewarded with money, added directly to your member account. The amount you win depends on the estimated length of interview and it is always shown in the survey invitation letter we send to you, by email.

You also get rewarded for filling in all the profile information! We are always striving to send you the studies most suitable for your profile, therefore it is important to maintain your profile updated at all times.

The more successfully completed surveys, the higher the amount you earn! Depending on the country you live in, once you reach $/€10, you can easily withdraw your money using any of the payment methods mentioned below.

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Red Cross Donation

By choosing this option, you are donating your money to the Red Cross. We will make quarterly payments to the Red Cross.

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Very simple: voice your opinions, help improve products, earn great rewards!


The companies you meet daily and whose products and services you use will take your feedback and ideas into account.


The information you provide improves the products and services you use daily. In addition, your contribution to the design of future products is significant.


For every survey you successfully fill in you are rewarded with money, added directly to your member account. As soon as you reach $/€10, you can easily withdraw your money using one of the many payment methods we offer.

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